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High speed mobile phone quick connector

High speed mobile phone quick connector

Product Details

High-speed mobile phone quick connectors, also called dental equipment, are part of medical technology equipment and are specialized devices that are produced and/or supplied to qualified personnel for use in the clinical and/or related operational steps of dentistry. The general term for machines, instruments and accessories.

The technical aspects of dental equipment not only require the products to meet the requirements of oral use, but also meet the safety requirements of medical electrical, so the standardization work involves a wide range, and the corresponding international organization ISO/TC106 SC6 is responsible for the standardization work in this area.

Dental equipment classification

(1) intraoral instruments

Oral common examination equipment: light curing equipment; ultrasonic root canal treatment equipment; pulp vitality measuring instrument; root canal length measuring instrument; root canal treatment of deceleration motor; ultrasonic / sandblasting scaler; whitening instrument; silver mercury blending mixer; Amalgam filling device; amalgam conveyor; resin filling device; bonding / etching system; polishing equipment; rubber barrier device; hand cleaning; scaling device; periodontal surgical instrument; high frequency electric knife;

(2) Oral surgery, implant equipment

Dental implanter; planting common equipment; tooth extraction equipment; electric surgical equipment; surgical instruments; ultrasonic scalpel; saliva measuring equipment; joint disease diagnosis and treatment equipment; emergency medicine and equipment; vacuum suction device; monitor; tractor;

(three) oral repair / mechanic equipment

Repair / mechanic commonly used equipment: mechanic pliers; impression material mixer; dental frame; model / wax type equipment; plane positioning equipment; cad / cam system; mechanic work table; mechanic electric drill; casting machine and accessories; Sand blasting machine; wax removal electric oven; welding equipment; stirring/oscillator; invisible denture equipment; boiling/denture forming box; polishing/grinding; colorimetric plate; nailing machine lingual finishing machine; Cleaning machine; inverted concave observer; spray gun/spray lamp; complex mold box; table mold base; table mold nail; casting ring; model making related equipment; wax type and wax remover; casting metal recycling equipment; And related tools; vacuum forming machine; common tools for mechanics; melting wax; baking wax furnace; preheating furnace; hanging mill; gold plating machine; gold deposition instrument; car porcelain machine; agar mixing melting machine; mechanic vacuum cleaner; wax line Press; warranty card printer; press and polymerization machine; foot switch; other.

(4) Orthodontic equipment

Orthodontic forceps; needle holder / gold crown scissors; spot welder; square wire former; bracket locator; reflector;

Third, use

All dental front desks (referred to as clinical operations, such as dental preparation, treatment), and backstage (finger-tooth technician workshop) can be used.