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4-hole air motor

4-hole air motor

Product Details

This product is a 4-hole air motor designed to meet the requirements of precision mechatronics oral treatment. It can be used with fiber bending machine and fiber straight machine. The speed range is 1000~40000 rpm, which can meet 16:1,1:1,1 : 5 and other variable speed requirements, built-in water and gas cooling system and own LED light source, and can be switched between electric control and pneumatic control, ISO-E standard interface, with different deceleration and speed increase head. Can handle most of the work of dental cutting, grinding, and clinical treatment.


1: Advanced brushless motor, small size, very low noise, strong torque and strong power.

2: Built-in water gas cooling and LED cold light illumination system, easy to maintain.

3: E-type interface, can be equipped with all E-type interface straight and bending machine.

4: The speed is visually displayed for convenient and precise control.

5: Multiple speed ratio selection, 16:1, 1:1, 1:5

6: With positive reversal and air control / electric control function, can be adjusted at will.

Advantage one: feel good

Now there is a plasma-plated material on the surface of the word-cleaning machine or a thread-like anti-slip design, which prevents the doctor from slipping off when checking the teeth, and the setting of the phone and the pipeline is precisely designed to achieve proper gravity. The position of the balance point allows the dentist to operate better, so that the design of the hand makes the doctor more comfortable to operate.

Advantage 2: high stability

The dental scale machine used in many dental hospitals is very safe in terms of safety and stability, because the clamping force and internal pressure in the mobile phone are up to the national standard, which can guarantee the dentist's long-term use. One advantage is also an important reason why many doctors choose such a scaler.

Advantage three: convenient and fast

Whether it is disassembly, cleaning or installation, the easy-to-use scaler has a very scientific and reasonable design angle of the nose and the body. It is easy to disassemble, easy to install, easy to clean and easy to carry, which brings benefits to the dentist. At the same time, its operating area is also flexible, convenient for doctors to check the teeth, saving a lot of tedious steps for the work.