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1:5 speed increase bending machine

1:5 speed increase bending machine

Product Details

Product Description: 1:5 speed increase bending machine, built-in cooling system, three-hole water spray Maximum speed: 200.000rpm Applicable bur: φ1.59-1.6mm

I, cheap and beautiful

The high-speed bending machine has a larger price advantage than the traditional high-speed turbine mobile phone, and all the technical indicators have reached the national standard and can be used safely.

II, doctors worry

It solves the difficult problem of oral clinical treatment of mobile phone disinfection and the high cost of disinfection and maintenance. The “one person (patient) machine” required by the health department has improved the credibility of dental clinics.

III, patients feel at ease

It is far away from cross-infection in clinical oral treatment of infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and AIDS.

V, leading technology

It is the first in China and has three invention patents and more than ten utility model patents.

VI, feel good

The overall design of the mobile phone is ergonomic, and the proper angle of the nose and the body makes the doctor comfortable for oral clinical treatment. The innovative design of the fuselage gives the doctor a tight grip and a good sense of balance.