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Dental high speed mobile phone

Dental high speed mobile phone

Product Details

Beautiful appearance

Dental high speed mobile phone use The latest streamlined design, beautiful and generous


Whether in design, craftsmanship or material, the requirements are meticulous

Comfortable handle

Non-slip, comfortable to wear, long grip without tingling, easy to clean

Convenient maintenance

Simple movement for easy replacement

Non-slip, comfortable to wear, long grip without tingling, easy to clean

Resistant to disinfection

High temperature steam disinfection at 135 ° C, in line with modern clinical requirements

A good dental high speed mobile phone. In the last 50 years of the last century, it has developed into a gas-driven ultra-high-speed rotation mode. High-speed precision turbine drill HSP is a new type of high-speed precision dental equipment that uses compressed air to push the micro-precision turbine high-speed rotation to drive the drill to complete the functions of drilling, grinding, milling and cutting. Because of the ultra-high speed operation, the bearing structure is required to achieve aerospace precision. The speed reaches 300,000 rpm and the limit speed reaches 400,000 per minute, so water injection is required to prevent the bit temperature from being too high. The application with a local anesthetic makes the patient feel almost no pain.

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