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Low speed mobile phone

Low speed mobile phone

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Dental low-speed mobile phone performance indicators:

1, the life of the dental phone.

Dental low-speed mobile phone life depends mainly on: correct cleaning and maintenance; bearing materials and manufacturing process; mobile phone internal pipeline material and production process.

2, cutting power of dental handpieces

The cutting power of the mobile phone is closely related to the power of the mobile phone. The related factors are the torque of the mobile phone, the pressure and the selection and usage habits of the stylus.

3, the cooling effect of the dental phone

The usual cooling method for mobile phones is single-hole spray. The most ideal way is the 4-hole spray, and the design of the spray hole of the mobile phone is also very particular. The best effect is that the water mist evenly covers the entire bur to the top.

4, the hand touch of dental mobile phone

The surface of a good dental mobile phone has a plasma-plated material and a thread-like anti-slip design, which is comfortable to handle and is not easy to slip off. The weight of the mobile phone is not as light as possible, but the weight distribution of the mobile phone and the pipeline is evenly distributed, and the position of the gravity balance point is appropriate.

5, dental phone treatment safety and stability

It depends on the clamping force of the three-leaf spring inside the mobile phone head and the air pressure inside the mobile phone. The international standard clamping force is 22N. A good mobile phone needs to be above this international standard to ensure long-term security.

6, the convenience of preparing the posterior teeth

The preparation of the teeth of the posterior teeth is difficult for the dentist to operate. The design of the head and the body of the good mobile phone is reasonable, and it is very convenient to perform the tooth preparation operation in the posterior region. Especially for patients with limited mouth opening, it is more suitable. The perfect angle design allows the phone head to have a free movement in the posterior area, which makes the patient feel comfortable.

7, the noise control of the mobile phone

The noise of the mobile phone will increase the patient's fear of dental treatment. Under normal circumstances, the pressure caused by noise and the long-term influence will damage the health of the human body, especially during concentrated work. Therefore, the noise of a high dental handpiece is too large and it is also a damage to the health of the dentist. The average cell phone noise is about 80 decibels. Choosing a low-noise cell phone is a good thing for both patients and doctors. There are currently low noise mobile phones below 60 decibels available on the market.

8, cross infection control

The main influencing factors are: mobile phone material selection and exterior plating, anti-back suction design of the machine head, whether it can withstand professional hot cleaning, whether it can withstand 135 degree sterilization, whether there is built-in filter.

The surface treatment of mobile phones must be coated, subjected to high temperature sterilization without rust, not easily contaminated, and easy to clean and disinfect.

9, the perfection of mobile phone operation

Today's mobile phones are becoming more and more diversified. Some mobile phones have a fiber-optic system, and when used, there is direct illumination of the operating area, which brings great convenience to the doctor. The perfect cell phone fiber brightness should be as close as possible to natural light. For convenience, it should be a quick-connect interface and a button-type head. It is very quick to disassemble the burs and reduce pollution.

10. Reasonable price

The price of dental mobile phones in the dental market is quite different. We must carefully consider the price/performance ratio according to our own situation, consider the rationality of the price first, and fully consider the service life of different mobile phones, the investment of replacing bearings, and the replacement of bearings. The important factors such as the service life and the impact on the doctor's work efficiency, rather than blindly pursuing the purchase of low-priced low-end mobile phones.