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Why should you clean your teeth?
- 2018-12-03-

Plaque is the culprit of periodontal disease and will continue to re-form on the tooth surface after removal. The plaque removal is not in place, and the mineral salts in the saliva gradually deposit, and the calculus will form over time. The presence of calculus causes the plaque to be in close contact with the surface of the tissue, causing an inflammatory response in the periodontal tissue. In addition, the porous structure of the calculus is also easy to absorb a large amount of bacterial toxins, and the calculus also hinders brushing. If it is not removed for a long time, it may cause gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding gums, bad breath, and eventually loosening or even falling off.

After the calculus is formed, it cannot be removed by brushing, and a scaler will be needed. According to the different parts of the calculus deposition, the upper edge of the gingiva can be divided into the upper calculus and the subgingival calculus. The cleaning of the teeth is mainly responsible for removing the gingival calculus. However, in practice, the gingival sulcus should be connected to the sacral calculus. The underarm tartar was removed.

Due to the consumption of some foods and colored drinks, some pigments will accumulate on the teeth. In people who smoke for a long time and who like to drink dark drinks, the deposition of pigments is particularly noticeable, which has a great adverse effect on the appearance of the teeth. These pigments are also removed during the healing process. However, since the surface of the tooth is not as smooth and smooth as the mirror surface, it is impossible to completely remove the pigment. There are always some pigments left in the concave surface of the tooth surface.

The main purpose of cleaning teeth is to prevent oral diseases, not just for good looks. The inflammatory condition of gingivitis and periodontitis can be alleviated by washing the teeth, but it is impossible to cure periodontitis by washing the teeth alone. To cure periodontal disease, further professional treatment should be performed after washing the teeth.