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Dental equipment classification
- 2018-11-22-

Dental equipment , also known as dental or dental equipment. It belongs to dental tools. The general structure is not complicated, it is not energized, and it can be reused many times. It is combined with dental consumables and large dental equipment to form the pillar of the dental industry.
Dental equipment classification, taking the dog dental material network as an example [1], according to the use can be divided into:
(1) Oral instruments commonly used in oral examination equipment: light curing equipment; ultrasonic root canal treatment equipment; pulp vitality measuring instrument; root canal length measuring instrument; root canal treatment deceleration motor; ultrasonic / sandblasting scaler; whitening instrument; Mercury blending mixer; amalgam filling device; amalgam conveyor; resin filling device; bonding/etching system; polishing equipment; rubber barrier device; hand cleaning; scaling device; periodontal surgical instrument; Electric knife; other.
(2) Oral surgery, planting equipment dental implanter; planting common equipment; tooth extraction equipment; electric surgical equipment; surgical instruments; ultrasonic scalpel; saliva measuring equipment; joint disease diagnosis and treatment equipment; emergency medicine and equipment; vacuum suction device; ; tractor; other.
(3) Oral repair / mechanic equipment repair / mechanic commonly used equipment: mechanic pliers; impression mold mixer; articulated frame; model / wax type equipment; plane positioning equipment; cad / cam system; mechanic work table; Casting machine and accessories; porcelain furnace; sand blasting machine; wax removal electric oven; welding equipment; stirring/oscillator; invisible denture equipment; boiling/denture forming box; polishing/grinding; colorimetric plate; Finishing machine; plaster finishing machine; washing machine; inverted concave observation instrument;; spray gun/burning lamp; complex mold box; table mold base; table die nail; casting ring; model making related equipment; wax type and wax remover; Metal recycling equipment; abrasive tools and related tools; vacuum forming machine; common tools for mechanics; melting wax; waxing furnace; preheating furnace; hanging mill; gold plating machine; gold deposition instrument; car porcelain machine; Melting machine; mechanic vacuum cleaner; wax line press; warranty card printer; press polymerization machine; foot switch;
(4) orthodontic equipment for orthodontic equipment; needle holder/golden crown scissors; spot welder; square wire former; bracket locator; reflector;

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