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What are the five advantages of a light curing machine?
- 2018-11-19-

The light curing machine is wireless and the lithium battery can be replaced. Led light curing machine has four working modes, full power, progressive, pulse, and preheat. Led light curing machine can have a time setting of 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, 35s, 40s. The constant light power output of the led curing machine does not affect the curing effect due to the battery power drop.

First, the environmental protection generally mercury lamp tube contains mercury, waste lamp treatment and transportation is not convenient, and the environment is more polluted; UVLED light curing machine uses chips and UVLED lamp beads to emit light, no other impurities and harmful substances, the environment Will not cause pollution.
Second, the safety light curing machine emits pure ultraviolet light, without heat radiation and infrared rays. The surface temperature rise of the irradiated product is generally below 5 °C; the ordinary mercury lamp emits a large amount of infrared light, and the temperature is high, which generally causes the irradiated The surface of the product is raised by 60-90 °c, which causes the positioning of the product to shift and affect the product yield.
Third, wide applicability, long life light curing machine can meet the requirements of plastic substrate, lens bonding and electronic products, fiber optic cable and other heat sensitive, high precision bonding process, and the service life of the equipment is generally more than 20,000 hours, which It is equivalent to 30-40 times the life of mercury lamp tubes, which can effectively improve production efficiency.
Fourth, the performance is stronger, the illuminance of the uvled chip and the special optical design is that the ultraviolet light reaches high precision and high intensity illumination; the ultraviolet light output reaches the illumination intensity of 8600 mw/m2. Using new optical technology and manufacturing process, it achieves high-intensity output and uniformity that is more optimized than ordinary mercury lamp irradiation methods. The ordinary mercury lamp emits twice the luminosity, saving time and improving efficiency.
5. Energy consumption Low-light curing machine consumes only 20% of the mercury lamp, and the luminous efficiency is as high as 10 times that of the mercury lamp. Ordinary mercury lamps require continuous lighting and excessive power consumption. The uvled method consumes power only when it is illuminated, and does not consume power during standby. Save more power. It is low energy consumption and truly low carbon environmental protection.

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