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Scaler features
- 2018-10-29-

Cleansing refers to the use of ultrasonic cleaning instruments to remove tartar, plaque, smog, tea stains, etc. attached to the surface of the teeth, without damaging the gums and enamel, plus the continuous flushing of the sprayed water to make the teeth clean. The effect is better and the efficiency is higher. The warm water scaler has the function of root canal washing.

1. Scaler is an effective method to prevent dental caries. Sandblasting can effectively clean tartar. Tartar is the main cause of periodontal disease, leading to premature loss of teeth in adults. It is mainly manifested as gingival inflammation, hemorrhage and oral odor. In severe cases, gums, alveolar bone atrophy and loose teeth, displacement and shedding can occur. . Sandblasting can effectively clean these tartar.

2, the scaler not only has whitening teeth, reduces gum bleeding, eliminates bad breath, and more importantly, it is one of the important means to prevent and treat periodontal disease. Only by sandblasting and cleaning the teeth can effectively remove the calculus and protect the periodontal tissue. The advantage of sandblasting is that it can polish the rough surface of the tooth after removing the calculus and prevent the regeneration of the calculus.

3, the cleaning machine can effectively remove the plaque and pigment spots on the interdental space, pit and groove that are not easily washed by other washing machines, and has high cleaning efficiency, does not hurt the gums, and is safe and painless.

4, the scaler can not only polish the outside of the teeth, but also can polish the tooth surface between the teeth, the polished tooth surface is not easy to attach plaque and pigment, can maintain a longer whitening effect.

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