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Corporate culture about dental equipment
- 2018-10-23-

The corporate culture of dental equipment has long been talked about in old fashion. The relevant theories have been solidified and even dogmatic. I have thrown a new theory here, not to make everyone stunned, but to inspire everyone to dare to break through the thinking. To break the rigid ideological model, we must dare to question the traditional theory. Only by learning to negate can we improve.

The reason for this negation is that on the way home, a conversation with a young colleague on the road, some cultures of some companies, some seem to be still building, not even forming words, the boss is also doing this Distressed, but in reality, culture has been silently formed. Why is this? At the same time, it gives me a thought on the attributes of culture – whether it is a management tool or a by-product of management.

According to traditional theory, culture is a soft management tool that companies sometimes need to assist in management. However, culture is nothing compared to the system. It cannot be obtained out of thin air. Even if it is grafted with a different corporate culture, it will certainly be unacceptable. Such a culture has no vitality. After the development of the enterprise to a certain stage, when the management of the enterprise has formed the style characteristics, when the boss's temperament is already familiar to the employees, the enterprise civilization is the culture, the process is subtle, not relying on grafting. Come.

Since culture cannot be grafted, I naturally think that culture is not a tool. It is a kind of accumulation, a by-product of organizational management, and a vivid embodiment of the style and characteristics of management. Culture must come from management. Culture is the habit of management. It is a customary rule. What a company solidifies through management behavior is the culture we understand. This culture is ubiquitous. Of course, culture is excellent. The difference between inferior and high. Some people think that only those great companies have cultural views that are wrong.

A chaotic enterprise also has a culture, but this culture will accelerate its death, rather than helping it to achieve a hundred years of foundation. It can be said that the management style and personality of managers and bosses directly determine the culture of the enterprise. If the manager is suspicious, then the enterprise will have a culture of suspicion. If the manager is violent, then there will be a culture of opposition. The management can be seen everywhere. There are no rules, no boundaries, and no great manager, there is no great culture. The rule of man or the rule of law is a fundamental issue.