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Dental equipment cleaning process marketing process
- 2018-10-23-

First, reception

Dental equipment cleaning process marketing process: 1, take the initiative to meet: receiving notice from the front desk staff or seeing the lead staff to bring customers into the walk, to stand quickly, waiting to meet; with a smile, visual customers;

2, say hello: see the customer walking with a smile and look at the other party, saying "Hello! Come over! Please sit!" Let the customer sit, show a good professionalism, and use the right hand to signal the customer to sit under;

3. Placement: Invite the customer to sit (lie) on the chair, quickly open the endoscope and prepare a disposable cup, paper towel and corresponding inspection device.

Second, ask about communication

1. Ask: (1) Ask the customer if they have a history of washing teeth, if you have washed your teeth before? how does it feel? In order to understand the customer's concerns and potential needs in turn, focus on communication. If the customer has difficulty washing the teeth before, we will explain the reasons that may cause uncomfortableness, and then focus on the characteristics of our imported washing machine and prevent the tooth washing. Measure

(2) Ask the customer if there is a history of bleeding gums, such as bleeding when you brush your teeth or eat fruit? Most of the bleeding is caused by inflammation of the gums. This requires the removal of periodontal stimulating factors, which can be solved after anti-inflammatory, creating symptoms for the customer and creating the need for treatment, laying the foundation for the next periodontal treatment;

2, explain: explain the significance of regular tooth cleaning, improve the customer's attention to the teeth, such as cleaning teeth not only to whiten teeth, more important to maintain periodontal health, remove tartar and germs, keep breath fresh, prevent periodontal disease, Avoid "old teeth", according to international standards, every 3-6 months to wash your teeth, we should at least keep teeth every 6-12 months, this is a necessary health investment.

Third, check

1. Open the inspection device: Open the disposable instrument box or sterilization bag under the witness of the customer, and let the customer see the indicator card after sterilization, the device lamp handle, the endoscope handle, the three-gun handle, etc. Bacterial isolation belt (cloth), wearing gloves, masks, full sterilization;

2. Intraoral examination: When inspecting, the strength of the mouth mirror must be gentle, avoiding the pressure on the vestibular groove, and tendering the customer; the examination should be followed by the upper and lower, the first cheek and the back, the first left and the right and the upper and lower. Order, in the symptom area, such as gingival congestion, redness, retraction, stones, smoke spots, loose teeth, etc., use endoscopes or small mirrors and other props to make customers see clearly; for potential dental problems, such as dental caries, teeth Missing, etc., you can do this first, do not involve treatment recommendations, and lay the foundation for the next step of development.

Fourth, diagnosis

1. Scientific diagnosis: thoroughly explain the causes, passages, status quo and the dangers of continued development, let the customers understand, and design the treatment plan based on the customer's attention and resonance;

2, image metaphor: professional diagnosis, popular explanation, such as the development of periodontal disease can be explained by the relationship between "roots and soil";

Five, introduce the cleaning program

1. Introduce the cleaning items, charging standards and characteristics at different price points:


2, Note: Do not avoid low prices, do not force sales, after a comprehensive introduction, you can recommend sales to customers, but the reasons for customers to accept must be sufficient.


1. Can't accept the high cost?

Such as: these costs are not high, but you feel high, just take our teeth cleaning operation and care standards compared with the big cities, our charges are already very low; speak directly, you are not without money, and You don't pay much attention to your teeth. You don't want to spend money on your teeth. Teeth are important chewing organs of the human body. They should be used for three meals a day, and they are always with you, which is different from daily consumption. It is a healthy investment. It is not only whitening teeth, but also important to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent periodontal disease. It is a healthy guarantee to have a good tooth in old age. You may not know the pain when you have no teeth, just take a sentence from an elderly patient: "I saw others eating delicious, I was watching from the side, now I know that the teeth are not good, how painful it is to eat. !"

2. Is it more expensive than others?

For example, compared with local counterparts, we may be slightly higher than other dental charges, but this is definitely different. Different teeth and goods, but a very demanding medical technology, where It can be washed, everyone will wash, this is undeniable, but the technical standards and final effects are different, such as the most basic disinfection, if the disease is contagious due to sterilization, it will be For the pain of a lifetime, for example, the thoroughness and comfort of washing, whether or not the care measures such as careful polishing and desensitization have been carried out. My suggestion is that you should not only look at the price, but the effect and the pursuit of cost-effectiveness. Whether it is worth the money, these are the things you should pay attention to.

3. Want a discount?

(1) This is a unified charging standard. We can't raise or lower the price privately. I can understand your feelings and hope that you can understand us. However, our cleaning is very standard. To be honest, this kind of charging It is not high. The key is to wash your clothes thoroughly and comfortably. It will finally satisfy your satisfaction and make you feel worthwhile. This is the most important thing.

(2) Giving additional services...

4. Damaged tooth surface?

For example, washing teeth does not damage the teeth. It uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibration and pneumatic water pressure to remove the attachment on the tooth surface. The tooth is the hardest tissue in the body. It can not damage the teeth at all. It may be that the washing is not thorough or the operation is not proper or the polishing is not caused, and the tooth surface is rough, which is mistaken for the tooth.

5, the teeth are washed big?

For example, washing teeth only removes harmful attachments on the tooth surface, does not damage the teeth and gums, and does not wash away the gums. Therefore, the teeth will not be washed out; the reason why the teeth appear after washing the teeth is that Because of the pressure of the calculus and the stimulation of the gums by the bacteria, the gums are atrophied, and the calculus occupies the original position, forming a pathological periodontal splint. After removal, it feels less "habitual" things, but if not timely Removal, will develop severe periodontal disease, leading to premature tooth loss.

6. Infectious diseases?

Such as: strict disinfection, sterilization measures, will eliminate all cross-infection, we have a standard disinfection room and full-time disinfection personnel, the equipment used are after strict high temperature and high pressure sterilization, some are still one-off, these You are completely at ease. In fact, there are more than 800 kinds of bacteria in the mouth. The inflammation of the gums is caused by some bacteria. It will not only develop into periodontitis, but also enter the human body through the capillaries and food in the gums, thus affecting the whole body. Health, especially cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

7. Will it hurt?

For example, there is no pain in normal tooth cleaning. Some people feel pain in washing their teeth. It is because there are teeth and periodontal diseases (such as tooth surface abrasion, gum atrophy, etc.) or the power of the washing machine is too high. Plus the improper operation.

8, do not dare to eat after surgery?

Such as: postoperative effects on eating, first, because the patient's teeth are more sensitive, plus the corresponding preventive measures are not taken in the cleaning of the teeth, usually after a week to recover; second, because they have moderate to severe periodontal disease In addition, after taking the teeth, no timely desensitization treatment measures are taken, which causes the fresh root surface (dentin tubules) to be exposed, and when it is stimulated by cold and heat, it has a sore discomfort; in fact, these can be prevented even if After some sensitive reactions, these discomforts will be quickly eliminated if effective desensitization is applied.

9. Is tartar formed faster after washing your teeth?

For example, according to international standards, teeth should be washed every 3-6 months. Just like regular shampooing, tartar is also formed continuously, but due to human metabolism, saliva's acidity and alkalinity, viscosity and personal oral hygiene Different degrees, the degree of tartar formation is also different; but the tartar formation after washing is faster, probably because the washing is not thorough, plus the lack of polishing or polishing is not complete, resulting in too rough surface, bacteria and pigments It is easier to adhere to the top, accelerating precipitation and calcification, thus forming tartar.

10. Will the teeth get old?

For example, the tooth is an important chewing organ of the human body, and it should be accompanied by a person's life; as the age increases, various organs of the body may have different degrees of degradation, but will not fall off. The reason why the old teeth fall off is that the periodontal disease causes the alveolar bone to continuously absorb, and the bone tissue around the root is less and less, eventually causing the roots to be exposed, the teeth to loosen and fall off; like trees, along with the trees The continuous loss of soil around the roots will increase the number of roots exposed, eventually leading to the dumping of trees.

Seven, operate immediately

See "Jiezhi Treatment Operation Procedures" for details...

Eight, payment

Leading customers to the checkout counter, billing and paying fees, so that customers must pay a smile when paying fees, because the customer's psychology is contradictory at this time, and it is also very sensitive. The smile service can bring some psychological compensation.

Nine, fill out the "post-washing evaluation form"

Filling in the “post-cleaning evaluation form” is not only a job at the front desk, but also a work that you should assist in. It is necessary to invite customers to fill in to show our sincerity and generosity. This is also a service; When customers fill out the form, we have to avoid it and bring some convenience to the customers.

Ten, drop off

After the customer pays the fee and fills in the form, we have to take the initiative to send the customer to leave, and say, "You go slowly! After the problem on the teeth, you can contact me. There is a call on the card."

XI, follow-up call

Within 24 hours after the operation, we should take the initiative to give the customer a phone call, ask the customer about the current situation, whether there is any discomfort or the problem of serious brushing and other concerns; if there is any discomfort, explain to the customer and observe the week later. If there is no mitigation, the customer is required to come to the clinic for further free care; one week after the return visit, another care call will be made until the customer has no symptoms.

Twelve, again reminding to wash teeth

3-6 months after surgery, you should take the initiative to remind the customer to review, check the oral condition or remind the validity period of the gift card.