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Suggestions for operating dental medical equipment
- 2018-10-23-

Organic management-----the boss's ideology

The development of dental medical equipment and the fate of the masters and enterprises are the bosses and managers, their thinking is the idea of ​​dental medical equipment, what kind of mentality they treat employees with the attitude of treating customers, What kind of mentality the customer will use to reward you, the four relationships are inseparable and complement each other. Educational staff, like educating children, is exaggerated. It is not played out. As long as the method is properly correct, it can be recognized with half the effort.

The position of the post is clear, who is doing the thing

The boss's job responsibilities are to determine the direction, strategy, goals, and methods of the dental medical equipment to make the employees happy and happy. Smiling life, life is also smiling. Let employees have a happy life, they can bring the joy of life to work and bring it to customers.

The manager's job responsibilities are to present the ideas for the clinic, for the boss, for the employees, to help the subordinates complete the clinic clinic, and really make themselves, subordinates and bosses easy.

Responsibilities of employees: Completing their own work, happy life and happy work.

Managers assign their own positions according to the merits of their employees, and exert their personal strengths. At the same time, they must look at the comprehensive aspects of their employees, and look at the advantages and strengths to avoid weaknesses. To give employees an understanding and tolerance, give employees a broad stage, fully demonstrate themselves, play to their own, and create better benefits.

Organic Management - Employee Incentives

People are ideology and consciousness, and people's behavior is dominated by thoughts and consciousness. The creation of two world's top 500 magical dental medical equipment, Inamori Kazuo, is the idea of ​​entering the employees and entering their spirits in the enterprise. world------

A magazine wrote that people, like airplanes, also have two engines, one is a mental engine and the other is a material engine. If both engines are out of oil, they will fall, such as one of the oil-deficient aircraft will lose balance. It will also fall. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the thoughts and spirit of employees, and timely fuel the two engines of the employees. The managers strive to balance the two to achieve higher and farther efficiency and higher efficiency.

1. It is necessary to have a set of perfect personnel incentive system and assessment criteria, including wage distribution mechanism, incentive mechanism, and endowment insurance, so that employees can have more peace of mind and work, and strive to make employees mentally, mentally, and Material balance;

2. Bole and Maxima coexist, because they are used, because of the application, the perfect and fair job mechanism, so that employees with ideas, ability and passion can fully play the stage to realize their dreams.

Organic management - role positioning

The cooperation between decision makers and performers in dental medical equipment management must be tacit. A magazine refers to red and black face theory. We must fully understand and apply red and black face theory in management. The role of decision makers is red face. The performer is The black face; the decision makers in the usual time is greater than the law, acting as a good person, the performer must be greater than everything, teach people to educate people. Timely role swaps leave room for both decision makers and executives. The place where employees have to talk to has reached the stability of personnel. The two roles are exchanged, one sings and one complements each other. It is the smooth and barrier-free communication of all aspects of the clinic, mutual understanding and support. Let the scale, brand, integrity and decision maker's personality charm of our dental medical equipment become retained and nurtured. Various roles.

Organic management---operation

Management is the complement of dental medical equipment and external business activities, the ultimate goal is to obtain maximum resource profit and brand influence, as well as the survival value and social responsibility of dental medical equipment.

We are not a public medical institution, not a charity. In addition to maximizing the benefits and getting the most economic benefits, we have no value for survival and cannot meet our development needs. Therefore, economic benefits are the implementation of social benefits. Providing protection, and social benefits will eventually be transformed into economic benefits. Enthusiastic about public welfare, returning to society, fulfilling social responsibility is what we should do.

Case 1: We organized the Henan Happy Dentist Club to help regulate and improve the dental market. Two years ago, we set up a love clinic in the welfare home, and insisted that members of the club clinic can help orphans solve oral diseases free of charge every week. The media gave reports and we earned Pull back the social benefits.

Case 2: We are free of nesting for school-age children (we don't have government support), parents bring children to do, experience and recognize our medical services, and accept our other rewards and treatments, we use actual actions to perform Our social responsibility has established a good reputation. We have to seize the opportunity in one fell swoop. We must also seize opportunities and rely on people and opportunities. Sometimes we must seize market opportunities and business opportunities. It is very important, but we must have our own fullness. Advantages, in order to go more stable and farther.

Organic Management---Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the foundation of our long-term development. The soul is a kind of belief, essence and connotation. It is the soil for cultivating employees and retaining employees. There is no fixed model of corporate culture, which is determined by the boss and the ideology of managers. Your clinic has a strict system for a long time, and you have a good relationship with your employees. Then this is your clinic culture. The boss cares about the long-term care of the customers. This is also your clinic culture.

Just like Haier's corporate culture: let these people in Haier fully reflect their value and continue to innovate. In particular, middle and high-level managers are able to constantly target themselves, improve themselves, and overcome themselves. This is what we have been pursuing. If you have such a culture, other people who enter can join in. So sometimes, I think culture is the most important thing. If our clinics also form this kind of continuous self-improvement, self-improvement, self-satisfaction, and continuous innovation in service processes and technology, we will not progress.

In short, we are smiling and living, life is also smiling.