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Foreign dental medical equipment manufacturers start the Chinese market
- 2018-10-23-

It is reported that Taiwan's Chengye Biomedical Group's sales plan for dental medical equipment in China has been launched. This means that foreign medical device manufacturers have made great strides in the Chinese market.

In early April, Chengye Biomedical Group signed a cooperation intention with yoshida, a well-known dental equipment factory in Japan. In the future, the sales of yoshida dental equipment in mainland China will mainly depend on the Shengsheng Medical Group.

In fact, yoshida entered China in the 1970s and has set up a representative office in Beijing. But the development is more partial.

The Chengsheng Biomedical Group is a company serving the dental field. The main markets are in private clinics and self-paying areas. And the development in mainland China is more optimistic.

According to the analysis of the National Cooperation City of the Ministry of Health, yoshida wants to not only enter the hospital field in China, but also want to stop at the private clinic where flowers bloom everywhere. Therefore, there is cooperation between Chengsheng Biomedical Group and Yoshida.

The yoshida people said that the fancy is the whole rate of the Chinese dental medical device market. According to its estimation, the Chinese dental market will grow at least about 10% every year.

It is understood that another factor in this cooperation between the two sides is that they are eager to deepen their efforts in the Chinese dental medical device market by taking advantage of the benefits brought by the change of Chinese medicine into a social medical service.

China's medical market has always been the focus of foreign investment.

According to relevant statistics, in 2010, the domestic medical equipment industry scale was about 7.446 billion US dollars, a growth rate of 13.6%, and it is estimated that it will reach 10.113 billion US dollars in 2013. Its annual compound growth rate is about 13.94%, which is higher than the global average. The average growth rate of the medical materials market, "This shows that the future domestic Chinese medical materials market is still the focus of global manufacturers." Ministry of Health said.

With the deepening of the medical reform in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period and the introduction of social medical treatment, according to the health system planning, the future social medical doctors will enter the high-end service field.

"As a dentist, you can also be highly sophisticated," said a person from the Shengsheng Medical Group.

In fact, for dental device manufacturers, the future market growth will not only be in hospitals, high-end service organizations, but also in small and medium-sized clinics.

It is understood that the development of medical and health institutions has increased from 169,000 in 1978 to 937,000 in 2010, including about 20,000 hospitals and about 1,000 in the top three hospitals.

Since 2010, dental clinics in private individual dental clinics have emerged, and the demand for professional equipment is increasing.

The health industry analysts analyzed that with the benefits of medical reform and the increase in people's income, the standard of living has been continuously improved. The care, prevention and beauty of teeth have also received more and more attention. The sales of dental equipment and appliances are booming. The city is continuing to extend to the countryside. fierce.