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Do a good dentist or do dental medical equipment
- 2018-10-23-

Personally feel that it is good to sell dental medical equipment , because I am doing this, give you some information, I hope to help you after seeing it.

First, the medical history of the tooth cavity

China has a long history of tooth cavity medicine. As early as the 14th century BC, there was a written record of tooth cavity disease. Although modern tooth cavity medicine is a new subject in China, it has developed rapidly after the founding of the People's Republic of China. Especially in the past 10 years after the reform and opening up, it has developed more rapidly, and many fields have reached the world advanced level. From the perspective of the dental cavity medical equipment market, both professional dental cavity medical instruments and dental cavity care products have shown unprecedented prosperity and enrichment. The total industrial output value of dental cavity equipment and appliance manufacturing industry in 2000 was 2000. 4.11 billion yuan increased to 957 million yuan in 2006. As of November 2007, it has reached 916 million yuan (0.0046% of GDP). China's dental cavity medical device market has become the world's third largest market after the United States and Japan.

Second, the tooth cavity industry market structure

The deepening of the reform of the medical and health system and the development of community hospitals require the purchase of new instruments and equipment, which further demonstrates the huge potential of the Chinese dental cavity medical device market. However, there are some factors that have hindered investors from entering the Chinese dental medical device industry to some extent.

1. There are a large number of dental cavity medical device companies in China, but the scale is small, especially the core management of the enterprise is unstable, and the turnover of personnel is too frequent, which affects the confidence of investors to a certain extent.

2. The awareness of intellectual property rights of Chinese local dental cavity medical device enterprises is still relatively weak. Sometimes enterprises infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, and sometimes enterprises are not good at protecting their own intellectual property rights.

3. The lack of stability in the relevant policies for the development of the medical device industry also affects the interaction between the investment industry and the mutual blockade.

4. Guangdong's tooth cavity industry has become a scale, and the number of manufacturers is numerous, but the mutual exchange is extremely lacking. It also has its own wall, no mutual resources and common development.

From the development prospects of my dental equipment, although the dental cavity hygiene in China has gradually gained attention, the prevalence of dental cavity disease in China is still very high, reaching 97.6%, of which the prevalence of dental caries is 50%. 2.5 billion dental caries; the prevalence of periodontal disease is more than 80%; the malocclusion is 50%; the elderly over 65 years old have 11 teeth missing; the proportion of untreated patients requiring professional intervention is 94.5%. In addition, more than 60% of people who have never seen a dentist in China have less than 2% of residents who have regular habits of dental examination.

In the next few years, with the continuous development of the domestic economy and the increasing disposable income of residents, the demand for high-tech, sophisticated dental equipment and equipment will become more urgent. At the same time, the knowledge of dental cavity medicine in China has been popularized, and the public has paid more and more attention to oral health. The development of tooth cavity medical care has changed from simple recovery function to function and beauty, from passive consumption to active consumption. The huge demand and huge market implied huge consumer opportunities, which brought new development opportunities for the production and sales of dental cavity medical equipment at home and abroad.