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Oral endoscope

Oral endoscope

Product Details

The oral endoscope is a specially constructed camera lens that can be extended into the entrance cavity to display clear and magnified images on a computer or TV screen. With the help of the endoscope system, the dentist can better detect the lesions that occur on the soft and hard tissues. It also allows patients to intuitively and comprehensively understand the dental stains, plaque, calculus, and gingivitis on the surface of their teeth, which are usually not visible to the teeth and tooth defects.

There are three main points in the main functions of oral endoscopy:

First, the dentist sees it with the mouth mirror, the patient can't see it, the patient is fixed at a glance, and the dentist can easily communicate with the patient.

Second, the use of software storage function, the maximum extent of the patient's oral conditions, is conducive to long-term patient dental information, if accompanied by telephone return visits, it is more possible to retain long-term patients, the same three-dimensional medical endoscope The mirror is equipped with a key capture function, which can instantly capture the real picture of the T912 medical oral endoscope and display it clearly.

Third, the use of the software's annotation function, marking the patient's original image, can maximize the number of doctors and patients disputes.

Clinical significance

Physicians can further discover the patient's oral lesions with the aid of clear and intuitive images, and the various treatment measures taken in time: abnormal signs caused by diseases, such as redness and swelling of the oral mucosa, blisters, ulcers or spots. Need to check the crowd: the mouth has abnormal color, pain, ulceration, smell, etc.


Inappropriate crowd: no special instructions. Note before inspection: Do not eat spicy, heavy food.

Requirements for inspection: Meet the doctor's request.

Inspection process

Using the software's storage function to maximize the patient's oral condition, it is beneficial to have long-term patient dental information. If the telephone is used to return to the long-term patient, it is more possible to retain the long-term patient. With a button capture function, you can instantly take a picture and display it clearly.