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What is the convenience of oral endoscopes for the human body?
- 2018-10-23-

Oral endoscopy is a very common technology nowadays. Many people will see such a machine when they are doing inspections. They can capture the internal environment of our mouth with one click and make a clear judgment on the patient's condition. Marking well improves the healing and treatment efficiency of the disease, and it has a lot of effects on the human body.


First, the dentist sees it with the mouth mirror, the patient can't see it, the patient is fixed at a glance, and the dentist can easily communicate with the patient.

What is the convenience of oral endoscopes for the human body?

Second, the use of software storage function, the maximum extent of the patient's oral conditions, is conducive to long-term patient dental information, if accompanied by telephone return visits, it is more possible to retain long-term patients, the same three-dimensional medical endoscope The mirror is equipped with a button capture function, which can instantly capture color and display clearly.

What is the convenience of oral endoscopes for the human body?

Third, the use of the software's annotation function, marking the patient's original image, can maximize the number of doctors and patients disputes.

1. Increase the social and economic benefits of clinics and hospitals;

2. Help patients understand their morbidity and treatment effects;

3. Reduce medical disputes to help patients and doctors understand each other, establish patient confidence in doctors, and attract patients to visit;

4. Fast, low consumption and high efficiency;

5. Establish a medical record archive with standardized and reliable search and communication;

6. Improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment in clinics and hospitals and improve the image of hospitals;

7. Information resource sharing, remote consultation, work exchange, and scientific research;

8. Improve the efficiency of management of clinics, hospital materials and finance;

9. Provide timely and effective statistics for decision makers;