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Dental mobile phone cleaning and disinfection standards
- 2018-10-23-

First, pretreatment

1. The doctor will step on the foot valve and flush the lumen for 30 s after each treatment.

2. The user promptly removes the contaminated mobile phone, and wipes the visible dirt on the surface of the mobile phone with a wet cotton ball in time to be temporarily stored in the recycling container of the contaminated device in the consultation room.

3. The cleaning personnel counts and collects the used dental handpiece and sends the contaminated device recycling container to the cleaning room.

Second, cleaning

(1) Cleaning without automatic mobile phone washing machine

1. Rinse: Rinse the phone under running water to remove surface contaminants.

2. Washing: After rinsing, soak for 2 to 5 minutes with enzyme cleaning agent, then scrub and scrub. After washing some mobile phones, they can be put into the ultrasonic cleaner and added with enzyme for 3 to 5 minutes.

3. Rinse: After washing, rinse or brush under running water. The lumen is flushed with a high pressure water jet or syringe.

4. Final rinse: After rinsing, rinse with soft water, purified water or distilled water. Rinse with a high pressure water jet or syringe in the lumen.

5. After cleaning, put the phone into the net basket and prepare to dry.

(2) Cleaning of automatic mobile phone washing machine

1. Check the working performance of the automatic cleaning machine and whether the enzyme cleaning agent, neutralizer and brightener are sufficient.

2. Insert the mobile phone heads one by one into the special jacks of the mobile phone cleaning machine one by one for full and effective cleaning.

Third, dry

Take the mobile phone one by one from the net basket or washing machine, use a high-pressure air gun or syringe to blow dry the surface of the pipe and the bearing of the wind wheel, or inject 75% ethanol to dry.

Fourth, disinfection

Disinfect the inside and outside of the phone with 75% ethanol.

Five, internal maintenance

Use a fully automatic oiling device to inject a special mobile phone cleaning lubricant into the inside of the mobile phone. If manual oiling is used, spray-type cleaning lubricant should be used.

6. Drying

After oiling, the appearance of the instrument should be dried in time, mechanical drying in the lumen, drying with a pressure air gun, and not drying naturally.

Seven, check

Use a visual inspection or a magnifying glass with a light source to check the cleanliness and performance of the dried cell phone and device.

Eight, packaging

It should be packed in paper and plastic and sealed with a medical heat sealer. For other packaging and packaging processes, see the Standard Operating Procedures for Replacing Surgical Instrument Packaging.

Nine, sterilization

1. Pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is preferred for sterilization.

(1) Do not stack when loading. The packaged mobile phones should be placed in the tray in turn. A certain gap should be reserved between each mobile phone, and the paper should face upwards, which is good for steam penetration and drying.

(2) Strictly control the sterilization temperature, pressure and time. Temperature > 135 ° C or sterilization time exceeds the specified time can damage the mobile phone sealing ring and the bearing bead cover and other components.

2. If fast-type pressure steam sterilizer is used for sterilization, the naked sterilization can be omitted.

3. It can also be sterilized by other low temperature sterilizers such as ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide plasma.

X. Storage

1. If there is a package, the name of the item, the sterilizer number, the sterilization batch, the sterilization date, the expiration date, and the operator's signature or code should be indicated outside the package and placed in the sterile storage cabinet.

2. Exposed sterilization should be stored in a sterilization box or in a sterile container for use. Once opened, the validity period is no more than 4h.

Eleven, issuance

The packaging should be guaranteed to be in good condition. If it is found that the oil package and packaging are damaged, it should be regarded as pollution and should not be distributed. It needs to be re-cleaned and sterilized.

Twelve, matters needing attention

1. Do not immerse the phone in the disinfectant to avoid corrosion of the parts inside the phone.

2. Paper-plastic composite packaging paper should avoid being wetted by lubricating oil, so as not to affect the steam penetration during sterilization.