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Light curing machine

Light curing machine

Product Details

The LED light curing machine (dental photosensitive resin curing machine) is a machine used to cure photosensitive resin materials when the dentist repairs the teeth. The LED light curing machine is composed of a light source part and a control circuit. Scope of application: The resin material is cured for the repair of teeth in the middle cavity.

The LED used in the light curing machine has a much lower heat generation than the halogen lamp, and the light is almost blue light, so it is cold light.

The light intensity of the LED curing light is not as high as possible. Expert studies have shown that the mechanical strength of the photocurable photosensitive resin is related to the number of cross-linked long-chain macromolecules in the resin, and the more the number, the better the mechanical properties. If too high a light intensity is used, the molecules in the resin have not been time-flowed and have been solidified, which will generate a large amount of short-chain molecules, resulting in a high internal shrinkage stress of the resin, a decrease in mechanical properties, and a bond between the resin and the cavity. It is prone to cracks. The recommended method should be to use weak light guidance. The initial lower light intensity is beneficial to the movement of molecules in the resin, which is beneficial to the formation of long-chain macromolecules, and then fast curing with high light intensity to achieve the best curing effect. A large number of tests have shown that the light intensity of the LED light curing machine is more than 200 mW/cm 2 for the ultra-bright LED type and 500 mW/cm 2 or higher for the high-power LED, which can achieve the curing effect better than the ordinary halogen curing machine. .